Saturday, 26 May 2012

Cotham Hill by Theo

There should definitely be more of this kind of thing, especially if this glorious weather is going to continue: street parties.
Last Sunday one of our favourite streets in Bristol, Cotham Hill, closed itself of for the day to host stalls and live music. Lined with charity shops, the organic food shop Earth Bound, plus several delicious coffee bars (including the Tinto Lounge where we had our first meal together) it's been a favourite haunt of ours for a while, so it was really nice to see it so thronged and busy. We even bumped in to a couple of friends; Susy from Glis Glis and Bob, the former landlord of the pub where we first met (The Junction on Stokes Croft). Rosie was pretty content being slung on our backs for the most part, although she had to be mollified with biscuits when the fruit smoothie we offered her wasn't up to her standards!

However, as much as we like browsing on Cotham Hill, the real reason we were there stepped on stage at 5pm: The Hinkley Veltones. Part Rock n'Roll, part Country, and all great, they are one of our favourite bands, so we seized the chance to get to see them without having to arrange babysitting. 

They'd added a forth member since we last saw them, which just made them rock even more. Kate in particular had a good boogie to them, with Rosie stoically putting up with it in the back carry. Their first album was one of the few CDs we actually took with us on our grand European honeymoon, and we were very pleased that they squeezed in some of their 'hits' from that - 'Baby please don't leave me' and 'Man of my intentions' still sound awesome.

More of this kind of thing please!

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