Sunday, 1 January 2012

strange beginnings - by Theo

2012 began for Kate and I at 1.20am when we were woken by a hammering at the door. As you might expect, this came as a surprise - we were expecting my parents but not that early. The knocking came again. Throwing on my dressing gown I ran into the bathroom and leaned out the window to see who the hell it was - there was no way I was opening the door at that time of night!

It was two police officers. They asked me to open up. So I went downstairs and unlocked.

"Can we speak to Marilyn please?"

I thought they had the wrong house - ours doesn't open onto the street listed on our address, but the street to the side - but no, they didn't. They had received a call about a domestic violence incident at our address from somebody called Marilyn Monroe*. I explained that my wife was called Kate and shortly after Kate came down to join me at the door to confirm her name and that she was fine. The police officers, mystified as they had confirmed the address by radio, bid us goodnight and happy new year.

I really hope it was only a prank call, or that whoever it was gets the help they need - dv is no joke. Good to see that the Avon & Somerset Constabulary doesn't think so either.

*name changed to protect identities - but the real name was of a similarly famous actress.

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