Monday, 19 September 2011

Round the sun again - By Kate

After all the excitement of having not one, but two 40th birthday celebrations (the party was held a year early for reasons of pregnancy), it's only fair and reasonable that my 41st would be a much quieter affair with no official celebration as such. Plus, neither Theo nor I are actually earning any money at the moment, so cheap and cheerful is the way to go.

So my modest requests for marking my birthday included takeaway pizza, some heart-attack ice-cream, a DVD rental of The King's Speech and a pair of slippers. Well, I am in my fifth decade, after all.

I'm happy to report that all my requests were granted with bonuses of a homemade cake (sister-in-law Hermione made a delicious jam and cream sponge), not-too-early awakening (from Rosie) and a card with a photograph of a cat (also from Rosie - she chose it personally).
The cake, pizza and ice-cream provided suitably artery-clogging deliciousness; the film was a delight (and even managed to pass the Bechdel Test); the slippers are very comfy; the morning calm and cuddly and the card with the cat rather cute.

That'll do nicely, thanks. It might not have been the most spectacular of birthdays, but I enjoyed it very much. In any case, at my age, it's about all the excitement I can handle.

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