Monday, 23 May 2011

a brief word on Sol - by Theo

Since May 15th there has been a large, noisy and determined protest going on in Plaza del Sol, the very centre of Madrid. There has been extensive coverage of this in both the Spanish and English press (well, The Guardian at least) and I've been reading the posts on this blog:

I'd quite like to go and check it out but haven't yet (family duties come first), so I have nothing really to say about it. And in a way that's odd - there's this huge demonstration going on in the centre of the city where I live and work and it hasn't affected me one iota. It hasn't inconvenienced anyone we know (Anne, our American friend, being they only person we know who has actually been along to it - none of our Spanish friends and acquaintances have). Hardly anyone is talking about it. As far as I'm concerned it might as well be happening on the other side of the Planet rather than a short bus ride away.

So, while I applaud those people trying to make themselves heard and the peaceful manner in which they are going about it, one wonders whether they are actually likely to achieve anything when, outside of the square, their demonstration is having so little impact.

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