Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wave Mum's knickers in the air like you just don't care By Kate

At the tender age of fourteen months, Rosie has already started taking an interest in clothes. Not in the aesthetic sense, but more as an interesting practical conundrum.

She's definitely forming the right ideas about her own clothes and which part of the body they generally belong to. Shoes are pulled meaningfully against her feet (although more commonly they are pulled off her feet at about the time Mum is ready to take her on a shopping trip or some other excursion); tights and leggings are wrapped haphazardly around her legs and Rosie's arms and head are enthusiastically, if somewhat vaguely inserted into vests and bodies.

Mummy's clothes, however, present an altogether different challenge. Anything with tie chords, for example, are fair game for some serious suction with attendant salivary application. As much as I adore my daughter, I must confess that doing up tie-front cardigans after Rosie's slobbery attentions isn't my idea of a fun parenting moment.

But when she's not practising her architecture or taking in Madrid's high culture, Rosie's other favourite pastime at the moment is to wear my knickers - freshly laundered, I hasten to add - after raiding my conveniently low-down lingerie drawer.

Typically, Rosie doesn't take the orthodox approach when it comes to donning Mummy's bloomers. Nope. Rather than using them as a modesty garment for her nether regions, Rosie much prefers to wear them over her head, as demonstrated below.
I don't think fashion is going to be Rosie's strong point, somehow. Or at least, I hope not. Using cast-off knickers as accessories could be a great, if rather quirky money-saving approach to dressing up. Madonna in her Desperately Seeking Susan phase would probably have approved.

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