Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Block by block by Kate

It's a fun moment for a parent (especially one who's a teeny bit anal about tidiness...) when their baby moves from wanton destruction and emptying every container within their reach, to putting items into a receptacle and some basic construction.

So Rosie's favourite activity has shifted from completely turfing out Mummy and Daddy's underwear drawers; the bottom drawer in the kitchen and the flannel drawer in the bathroom, to pulling everything out then putting some things back in again. It's a small but significant progression and one I'm very keen to encourage. The drawers still look like a small grenade has gone off inside them when Rosie's finished her rearrangements, but let's not be fussy.

And although Rosie is a good deal off attempting, say, a reproduction of the Taj Mahal using her coloured building blocks, she can at least erect a reasonable tower now. Eight blocks is her current record before the edifice comes tumbling down thanks to a carelessly misplaced elbow or some unfortunate design flaw.
Needless to say, as her parents, we are suitably impressed and are already considering the architecture as a possible future career. Nothing wrong with laying the foundations early.

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