Saturday, 26 February 2011

Safety Skills By Kate

You can't start 'em too young when it comes to encouraging your offspring to pick up skills that will help keep them safe. Although safety is an alien concept to most small children - until they're at least school age, the kamikaze tendency is quite pronounced - a few habits promoting self-preservation are always helpful, if only to lessen the rate of grey hairs sprouting on parents' heads.

Granted, Stop, Look, Listen; Don't Eat Random Wild Mushrooms and Stranger Danger are a little way off yet, but I felt it was at least worth teaching Rosie The Perfect Dismount, even at her tender age of thirteen months old.

I was inspired by a friend who said she's never bothered with stairgates because she taught her babies how to go down stairs backwards from the moment they could crawl.

Although our flat doesn't have any stairs, it does have a selection of beds and settees that Rosie has been known to frolic on at various times. So after a few unfortunate nose-diving incidents, Theo and I made a concerted effort to teach Rosie the useful backwards dismount technique.

As you can see from the clip below, I think she's got it.

Next, how to safely re-wire a plug.

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