Wednesday, 26 January 2011

One By Kate

Exactly a year ago she was a teeny tiny, very red baby with a generous amount of dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She was born four weeks early, showed little interest in feeding, was deaf in one ear and had a tummy button hernia. She was also, as far as we were concerned, perfect. The startling disparity in the size of her newborn feet is a trick of the light.A year on Rosie is still small for her age, but a giant compared to her former self. Her skin colour is pinky-beige, she's got a generous amount of hair still and those eyes remain a piercing blue, although with tones of grey. Both ears work fine, her tummy button has subsided and as for her feeding? See below.
We still think she's perfect. And her feet are definitely the same size, give or take.

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