Monday, 20 December 2010

Those Hollywood moments.... By Kate

Rosie gazed up at me and my heart flip-flopped inside my chest as she opened her mouth and uttered her first word: "Mama."

And then I woke up.

Theo commented a couple of weeks ago that he'd imagined more "Eureka!" moments as a parent - first smile, first time rolling, first time crawling, first words etc. etc. - but they haven't happened. And he's right.

Rosie's firsts simply haven't been definitive. Neither of us can remember when she first smiled properly because it was a gradual process until one day we realised the rictus she had been sporting really was a smile. I had to take an executive decision on whether the hands and knees thing she was doing really counted as crawling and it took a further three days before it was undeniable that she really had got the idea.

As for first words, well, they've happened. We think.

Rosie says "Mama" a great deal, or "Mum" or "Umma" - and often in such a way that it seems to be addressed to me. I always answer "Yes, Darling?" anyway. Just in case.

We've also had "Dada", which seems to be uttered more when Theo's around. And I'm pretty sure she's saying "Yes" quite a lot. "Dat" is another one she comes out with a fair amount and my theory is that she means "that". Or something.

The one moment Theo and I CAN recall was the first time Rosie laughed. She was about five months old. We were all in our bedroom and Theo was playing with her, making silly noises and faces. Suddenly Rosie made a sound we had never heard from her before and our mouths fell open. It was most definitely and indubitably a chuckle.

I'm sure we'll get more and more meaningful chatter out of Rosie as she continues to develop her vocal abilities. But in the meantime, her laughter will more than tide us over.

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