Saturday, 9 October 2010

babytalk - by Theo

Consonants are the easiest for her. "dadadadadadadad" or slightly less frequently "mamamama" - I'm wondering whether it was babies that named parents, just as we name them. Other consonants such as 'p' and 'k' also appear, and Rosie seems to have a good handle on the tongue click, which will come in handy if she ever wants to learn Zulu. Occasional vowel-laden yodeling matches are great fun, getting some call and response going - goodness knows what the neighbours think of this.

Of course capturing it all on film is easier said than done. Rosie is captivated by the camera and easily distracted by it, though mostly in a "shiny-thing-wanna-put-in-my-mouth" kind of way. Luckily, although she's started to pull herself upright, crawling is still a couple of weeks away, else there would be no keeping her hands off it.

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