Saturday, 4 September 2010

Food Fights - by Theo

Weaning has begun! Actually we began giving Rosie finger food (baby-led weaning) a while ago, back in June, but never with any kind of regularity, and during our English summer sojourn we actually purchased some baby food. However, being on the move made sticking to a routine somewhat tricky. Also the travel highchair our friends Jero and Jose kindly gave us sadly doesn't fit onto every table, meaning Rosie was often on one of our laps at meal times - hard enough to feed her without getting covered ourselves, let alone eat our own meal.However since we've returned a routine of three meals a day has been established, with the help of a high chair. Indeed, our first stop in Madrid was IKEA! It's not been easy; since finishing the baby porridge and Ella's Kitchen pouches we'd brought with us, finding stuff that a) Rosie will happily eat and b) we will happily give her has proven tricky! Most commercial baby-food we've looked at her has added sugar and/or salt - big no no - or, of course, meat. Meanwhile my first attempts at making pureed baby-food were not met with an enthusiastic welcome, so bread, fruit and green beans to be gummed to death had become a bit of a staple (we'd left Cathy and Jean's with a huge bag of fresh produce from their garden). Nevertheless, with my last two culinary efforts (Pear, peas and broccoli; Carrot, lentils, ginger and garam masala) have been wolfed down. I suspect the war is not yet won, but after defeat in the initial skirmishes victory is definitely mine!!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Kate! We have the same high chair, very user friendly. Great to hear the sleep is improving too Rx