Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Royal Visit - by Theo

My parents are proud parents (my sister is very successful and accomplished) and even prouder grandparents. As a result our reception for Rosie's first visit to Cirencester last weekend was somewhat akin to that more usually afforded to Royalty or, at the very least, a former Big Brother contestant.

My mother runs her own Montessori Nursery from the ground floor of my parents house and, as her first experiment in childcare, she was keen to show both me and my daughter off to her current class. "See, this one survived and managed to breed" seemed to be the message. The children were fascinated with Rosie, all crowding round and poking her, so I quickly had to institute a queuing and viewing system.The kids had been hard at work. I suspect the nursery school may be a front for sweatshop based on child labour, as they had all produced lovely cards for Rosie, which Kate received on her behalf along with a charming bouquet of flowers.
We were then serenaded with songs as Rosie dozed peacefully in her borrowed pram under the shade of a tree, which is basically what she did for most of the weekend. After the presentation, however, it was time to visit the true Queen of the Berry/Boulton clan - Rosie's Great-Grandmother and oldest living relative at 93. It was wonderful to see them both smiling happily at each other.

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