Saturday, 21 November 2009

Equal Ops?

We're just around the corner from Calle Alcala, the longest street in Madrid and one of the main shopping areas, especially between Ciudad Lineal and El Carmen. Which happens to be our patch.

So, yesterday, after Spanish Class, lunch and a Siesta we headed out to do some shopping for Kate who is starting to need a new wardrobe - one that has room for her expanding belly and easy boob access. Sadly the latter isn't for me, though I'm sure I'll take advantage.

Late opening is the norm in Spain - in fact many if not most shops close between 2pm and 5pm - so us heading out at 5.30 was no problem. I'm not the best shopper in the world; I'm too impatient and when presented with a choice between two or more possibilities my response tends to be "buy both". Still in my role as supportive husband I was determined to be useful. Besides, I thought, at least I could pick up some plain t-shirts (my current ones all have holes) and socks (ditto) along the way.

Not so! One thing that I hadn't noticed before in Spain is that clothes shops are completely unisex. Even big chains like H & M, Bennetton and Lefties simply don't have a men's section. Sure they have a kids sections (because children clearer only going shopping with Mum - well way to encourage us Dads!) but nothing for the guys. No wonder we passed a few guys reading papers on benches while waiting for their other half to decide. So much for equal ops!

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