Saturday, 12 September 2009

Introducing.... Delilah Delica!!

So, now that our beloved Sheena has moved on to pastures new, you may be wanting to know what we're driving now.

It's our great pleasure to introduce to you Delilah the Delica!
Yes. Not really any smaller (though she is shorter) - in our defence we did try to buy a Volvo Estate but had it snatched from us, so we went with the choice of our hearts (if not our heads) and bought this beast. She's the same age as Sheena (1995) but half the milage and way more comfortable. A 7 seat MPV rather than a campervan, we can still make a bed up out of the rear seats went we do want to go away for a weekend, but without all of the accoutrements of a conversion there's way more space. She's much nicer to drive, has flashy things like air conditioning (a must in Spain, frankly) and sun roofs, and we're very pleased with her.

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