Saturday, 27 June 2009

we'll miss you...

Yesterday I waved goodbye to my first job here in Spain - for 6 months I've been teaching at a language academy in Pueblo Nuevo, but in October Kate and I are starting new jobs at a different academy in O'Donnell. Thursday night saw me making repeated trips to local bars with my adult students as we toasted the end of the academic year and said goodbyes (mostly in Spanish). All of my students said they were sad I was leaving and that they had been hoping that I was going to be their teacher the following year. I, rather disloyally, suggested that if they really wanted to continue in my class they could always move academies with me:

"Where is your new academy?"
"It's in O'Donnell - 6 metro stops away."
"Oh no, that's too far. I come here because it is so near my house."

They aren't going to miss me that much then!!

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