Friday, 1 May 2009

Unnerving Moments no. 1: The Sneeze

Hearing your flatmate sneezing, sniffling and blowing his nose shortly after returning from two weeks in Mexico.

In the current climate, when people say "bless you" (or "Jesus" in Spain - pronounced "Heh-zoos") they really mean it. Theo and I were in the Caixa Forum public art gallery when the woman standing beside me suddenly sneezed with eye-watering ferocity. As she groped for a hankie, we ruefully exchanged glances and I took a discreet step away from her.

NB after a little research (well, you can't be too careful), it seems our flatmate was unlikely to be suffering with the swine 'flu - symptoms didn't start to appear until a good eight days after his return and the incubation period of the strain of H1N1 causing so many problems in Mexico is thought to be 2-5 days. Also, he hasn't had a fever or a cough and after two days, was well enough to stay out all night socialising, albeit a tad snottily. Let's be thankful it's not the bird 'flu - although that's unlikely to be a problem for our flatmate, he prefers pork and meat generally.

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