Friday, 24 April 2009

all quiet on the Spanish front...

We haven't been writing much recently.

This is a plain lie. Actually Kate and I have been writing a lot recently; it's one of the reasons this blog has been so quiet!

A few months ago we were looking through "In Madrid", a monthly English-language newspaper/what's on magazine, when we both came across little advertisements in the classifieds that interested us. For Kate it was the guitarist looking for fellow musicians and song-writers for musical get-togethers; for me it was the advertisement for a Madrid writers' group.

Both organisations were slow to get off the ground - with both of us working evenings, weekend get-togethers are a necessity - but they seem to have really hit their stride recently. As a result much of our creative energy has been devoted to producing material for or during these sessions; Kate with her bluesy paens to Madrid's unattractive canine community and me a film script for an allegorical coming of age film.

It's been great to be doing something creative again; but it hasn't left much time for blogging!

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