Sunday, 1 March 2009

It's the little differences (part 2)

No es solo en los cines de Paris que se puede poner una cerveza - en Madrid tambien. I don't think Vincent Vega made it South of the Pyrennes though, so we never knew until this evening when we went to watch the excellent Slumdog Millionaire with our lovely friend Jero. Otherwise Spanish cinemas seem to be much the same as English ones, except they still have allocated seating and the excellent innovation of toilets at the back of the theatres - so you don't have to stagger out into the foyer if you need to pee and then realise you've left your ticket stub in your jacket pocket (which is under your seat). Also the Spanish audience didn't explode from their seats the moment the credits started rolling but actually stayed to watch a good section of them before making a move. Whether this was because this is the way Spanish audiences behave or because the credits for Slumdog where quite entertaining I'm not sure.

The film itself was excellent - none of us were expecting it to be quite so tragic and gritty - I don't know why but I'd imagined it was going to be a comedy. Perhaps I'd been misled by all the "feel good" labels. We watched it in V.O. - version original - so no dodgy dubbing, though we had to read the Spanish subtitles for those moments when they were speaking in was I assume was Urdu (well the main characters were Muslim) but could well have been Hindi or some other language. It's a excellent film - one minor quibble is it would have been nice if Latika's character had been more developed rather than just being the Holy Grail of Jamal's quest - and, as if it needed further recommendation after its Oscar success, we suggest you try to see it.

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