Monday, 8 December 2008

Job Hunting

It's been 5 years since I last went job hunting - I thought that was a long time until I realised that Kate hasn't had to look for work for 15 years! Sure there have been internal applications and interviews - I had to apply for my own job not that long ago - but it is still a very alien process for us. As a result we're probably going about it all wrong. Scratch that, we're definitely going about it all wrong! Here we are in France sending off applications for English Teaching jobs in Madrid and being consequently unavailable for interview when potential employers get back to us wondering when we can come by the office!

However, after finding a useful agency's email on a notice board, we did manage to squeeze in one interview before we left Spain. Boy was that strange! It was a bit of a pain in the first place, being scheduled for 6pm on the last day of Vaughan Town at Barco de Avila - we had planned to head straight for France, but instead we frantically changed plans and scrambled to find somewhere to stay on a holiday weekend when most Madrilenos were heading out of town. Thank goodness for lovely Olga and Fernando, whose hospitality frankly made the whole escapade worthwhile. The interview did not go well. Firstly driving in Madrid is not a lot of fun, especially after a late night and a long drive. In the end we accepted we were lost, parked, and jumped on the underground to get to where we were meant to be. Or not, as it turned out; we walked in the office to be greeted with "Ah! You've come to the wrong place!" The Director of Studies of the School in question was meant to have sent us an email with details of the interview; she didn't and consequently I had to find the address for the school on the internet (which I sent to her for confirmation) and which turned out to be the other end of town from where the interviews were actually being held. Still we did at least get interviewed - together! Bit strange, seeing as we were technically competing for the same job. Hmmmm.

Funnily enough we've yet to hear anything back from that school. Back to the job pages!

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