Sunday, 5 October 2008

here comes the sun... again

It's hard to believe that only a matter of days ago we were bundling on jumpers and coats before going out and once the sun had gone in we were making mist with our exhaled breaths.

Now, here we are in Italy again and with every kilometre we go south, the air feels warmer and we are back in our short-sleeves and sandals.

We have just visited Mantua, granted its UNESCO World Heritage status within the last four months and buzzing with Sunday afternoon crowds visiting a regional produce market. It made for a lovely pit-stop on our journey down to the Amalfi coast.

Having a little more time at our disposal before we're expected back in France and Spain, we've decided to explore a bit more of Italy. Last time we were in this part of the boot, the heat was almost unbearable and the grapes were just forming in tiny nubs along the lines of vines.

Back here in October, we are warm and relaxed rather than fried and frazzled and the vines, stripped of their fruit, are turning into shades of bright russet around us.

It also helps that this time our rear windscreen is intact, which means we can open the back door for extra ventilation and thus avoid the sauna effect whenever we want to cook anything. The fact that Theo's window winder has also been fixed is another small but important element in our overall comfort. Shame neither of those

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