Friday, 6 June 2008

goddq, french keyboqrds

Apologies for not blogging much recently. After the fun and frolics in Barcelona we have popped back to Cathy (Kate's mum) and Jean's house in the Lot region of France for a few days to clean up and chill out.

The excellent food, convivial atmosphere, swarming bees (quite a spectacle) and even-tempered games of cards are some of the reason's we haven't been blogging much. The other reason is the blooy french keyboard on Cathy's computer!!! Oh for qwerty! It's particularly hard for Kate who is a touch typist (I'm a two finger stabber) though the sticky 'd' and the mouse's random habit of jumping the cursor halfway back up the page affects us all!

We've had a lovely time, as usual, and are now heading towards Italy. Our rear windscreen is still unfixed - we're hoping a replacement will meet us at Nice, but I wouldn't be surprised if we turn up at Cherbourg in 5 weeks time with the hole still taped up with gaffa.


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